The Beginning

Atrex Energy began as the advanced Research and Development division of Acumentrics Corporation, a manufacturer of highly reliable power products. These include rugged, uninterruptible power supplies for use in harsh environments. Founded in 1994, Acumentrics created the R&D division in 1999 to help develop both a compact energy storage device based on a rapidly spinning flywheel and a unique fuel cell unlike any others at the time.

ACUMENTRICS' Remote Power generator Difference

Acumentrics based its remote power generator design on solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology. SOFC uses ceramic materials and operates at a high temperature. What makes Acumentrics' SOFC system unique is that it uses ceramic tubes versus thin sheets. It also does not require hydrogen as a fuel and is easy to start and stop. Over the past decade, the SOFC technology was refined and optimized. Many of the innovations were ground breaking and Acumentrics currently holds 15 patents for its SOFC design.

ACUMENTRICS' Remote Power Generator Portfolio

In 2011, Acumentrics' work culminated in the commercial product launch of a suite of remote power generator products. The current product portfolio consists of three models rated 500 watts, 1000 watts and 1500 watts. These units can manage loads from as little as 150 watts up to 3000 watts (using paralleling option). These remote power generators provide clean, quiet, highly efficient and cost competitive power generation. Acumentrics now has over 500 remote power generators deployed in a variety of remote applications throughout North America with a cumulative 5.0 million hours of operation and counting.

Atrex Energy on Its Own

With the growing market success of the remote power products, in 2015 Atrex Energy was formed as an independent, stand-alone company. The goal of Atrex Energy is to continue to expand the SOFC portfolio as well as develop and commercialize new power and energy products.

The Atrex Energy Corporate Office, Research and Development, Engineering and Manufacturing are based in Walpole, Massachusetts. 

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