Atrex Energy Field Service Group provides expert commissioning, preventive maintenance and general support services for all Atrex Energy equipment. This ensures the remote power generator system is operating to spec and optimized to the application. Commissioning services must be performed by Atrex Energy Field Service Engineers or factory-certified partners in order for the warranty to be valid.

Commissioning services may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Installation of the replaceable bundles; connecting of all wiring.
  • Verification of the proper installation and control settings.
  • Initial start-up and operation of the power generator.
  • Verification of the data.
  • Record the installation parameters and equipment setup.
  • Confirm all terms and conditions of the warranty have been met before validating the warranty.

Atrex Energy Field Service Engineers are available via email or phone during normal business hours (or upon request off-hours) to provide customer assistance. Our expert Engineers can help customers better understand how to operate and manage the power generator system.

If operational issues arise Atrex Energy Field Service Engineers can help troubleshoot the problem and where possible, walk the customer through the corrective action.  We can provide phone support and access the power generator remotely (where possible) to help identify potential issues and recommend corrective actions. 

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