If you have the need for continuous 24/7 power in areas far from a grid connection, the Atrex Energy Power Generation System is your best choice. Here are some of the applications where the Atrex Energy system is being used: 

Oil & Gas

  • Cathodic Protection - To prevent corrosion and possible leakage on both pipelines and wells.
  • SCADA and Instrumentation - As more sensing and control equipment is added to the pipeline and wellheads, power needs are increasing. SCADA communication and control equipment is being utilized to remotely monitor and control all levels of oil and gas production, SSV's, MLBV's etc. This data needs to be transmitted to avoid the need to dispatch personnel to manually gather the data.
  • Chemical Injection Pumps - Electric pumps are used for injecting chemicals into natural gas remote wellheads to prevent scale, corrosion and buildup of hydrates.
  • Valve Actuation - Powering electrically-driven valves directly or with air compressors that replace or convert gas-driven pneumatic-driven valves.
  • Remote Light Towers - During the construction phase of installing pipelines and wellheads, the jobsite may require extended periods of artificial illumination.

Mining and Construction

  • Remote Light Towers - Providing light in areas with limited daylight.
  • Surveillance -  Providing around the clock power to security cameras.

Off-Grid Telecom and Radio

  • Microwave Repeater Stations - For relaying signals from isolated areas.
  • Radio Transmitters - For emergency networks and private communication.
  • Cellular Base Stations - Base transceiver stations for areas that are difficult to access, like mountain tops.


  • Signaling and Control - Powering communications along the wayside, especially in "dark territories" to provide Positive Train Control.

Environmental Monitoring

  • LIDAR and SODAR - Devices used to monitor, measure and assess wind data.
  • Environmental and Meteorology Stations - Powering stations that monitor weather, water levels and purity, avalanche detection, seismic activity and a host of other environmental parameters.
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