We want to help you meet your remote power needs.  Our expert staff not only knows a lot about fuel cells, but also about all the options you have.  We can help you make an informed decision.  We can help you choose the right design and the right features for the situation you face.  Atrex Energy and its parent company, Acumentrics Corporation, have over twenty years of experience in power supplies for use in some of the worst conditions.  Our power know-how combined with our fuel cell expertise has led to the development of the Atrex Energy Remote Power Generation System - completely unique in the industry. 

Through our Remote Power Generation System, we can ensure that you will have the best solution to meet your needs at the lowest "Total Cost of Ownership".  We offer a wide range of standard systems, but if a custom solution is needed, we are there to help.  At Atrex Energy, we want to be your valued partner and your remote power experts.

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