Atrex Energy Advantages

Cost, Functionality, Product Features

With low-emissions and industry leading efficiency, the Atrex Energy Remote Power Generator system provides users with a low "Total Cost of Ownership" while providing clean and reliable power.  

The Atrex Energy Remote Power Generator electrochemically converts the energy in conventional Natural Gas or Propane directly into DC electrical power. The fuel cell technology used does not burn or combust the fuel to create electricity as in an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Generator or a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG). As a result the fuel cell is inherently more efficient and delivers more usable energy from the same amount of fuel. In addition, it will modulate the output to match the changing needs of the load, thus using just the right amount of fuel necessary to power the load. The on-board computer allows remote monitoring and control of the power generator providing smart operation capabilities without having to visit the remote site. 

Atrex Energy offers  three models of scalable power generators from 500 watts up to 1500 watts. With the modulation function and ability to parallel units together, the power generators can handle loads ranging from 150 watts up to 1500 watts. The power generator is perfectly suited to provide remote power in the harshest of conditions from the cold of northern mountain tops to the heat of the desert.  Our power generators are used in a variety of market segments where there is no grid availability or the grid is not reliable:

  • Oil & Gas - Cathodic Protection, SCADA, Sensors and Instrumentation, Valve and Pump actuation
  • Mining and Construction - Surveillance, Light towers
  • Off-Grid Telecom and Radio - Microwave Repeater Stations, Radio Transmitters, Cellular Base Stations
  • Railroad - Signaling, communications for Positive Train Control (PTC)
  • Environmental Monitoring - Wind profiling, Meteorology Monitoring Stations, Environmental measurements

Atrex Energy is headquartered in Walpole, Massachusetts. Our expert sales and service organization is augmented by a network of 15 authorized distributors in Alaska, Canada, Lower 48 States and Mexico so that any product or service questions can be addressed quickly. 

Atrex Energy Advantages


  • Competitive Total Cost of Ownership - when compared to a properly designed solar array,  Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) or other types of Fuel Cells, the Atrex Energy solution is a very cost competitive power generation solution. The competitive upfront acquisition cost coupled with the reduced operating cost, due to the best-in-class efficiency, means users realize a compelling Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Superior Efficiency - with a fuel efficiency as high as 35% Atrex Energy power generators are 7X to 11X more efficient than a Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) and 2X to 3X more efficient than an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Generator. This high operating efficiency results in lower Operating Expense (OPEX) by reducing fuel consumption and refueling costs. 

  • Load following - as the load drops the power generator throttles back and fuel consumption drops, saving fuel and refueling cost.  

  • No precious/exotic materials used - some competitive devices require special, high cost materials to catalyze the electrochemical reaction. These add cost and complexity. The Atrex Energy design uses common, inexpensive materials.


  • Multi-Fuel Flexibility/No Reformer - can work with commercially available Propane or Natural Gas sourced from local providers and off-spec gases. No external reforming is required as reforming is done internally within the power generator.
  • Remote Monitoring and Control - the power generator ships standard with enhanced cell modem and signal enhancer (Lower 48 States only at this time) which allows Atrex Energy to remotely monitor the performance of the unit and be alerted to potential issues with the operation of the unit. Certain functions of the power generation can also be remotely controlled which saves users time and expense by not having to actually travel to the site.


  • Reliability - solid state design with just three moving parts (one fan and two blowers) and no motor oil, coolant or hydraulic fluids to change. The tubular fuel cell design used can withstand the thermal stress associated with temperature fluctuations caused by load changes. Reliability is maintained over a variety of operating conditions and in any type of weather ensuring users that their application will remain operational. Other competitors' devices are susceptible to thermal fluctuations which can lead to cracking and ultimately failure.    
  • Remote, unattended use - designed for remote operation without user intervention as long as fuel and air are supplied to the unit.
  • Robust design - can be operated in harsh environments from the desert to the arctic. 
  • Minimal Emissions - the only emissions from the Atrex Energy power generator are heat, water vapor and very low levels of carbon dioxide. The power generator's custom desulfurizing filters eliminate the sulfur oxide emissions. Because there is no combustion there are no nitrogen oxide emissions. Use of a 500 watt Atrex Energy unit versus a 500 watt TEG can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 37 tons per year (or the equivalent of eliminating 8 car's worth of carbon dioxide). The amount of heat ejected out of the power generator would be comparable to the typical hand dryers found in restrooms and can be recovered for use elsewhere.
  • No derating - for aging, high ambient temperature or for use at different voltages.
  • Quick Start-up - can be started up within 30-60 minutes versus hours for other technology.  
  • Quiet Operation - with noise levels around 52dBA at 1 meter there is no ear protection required when working around the SOFC. Even if placed inside a shelter, the noise level is no greater than a typical laptop.
  • On-board Lightning Arrestor - provides level of protection against lightning strikes occurring within close proximity. 


  • Broad range of Power - can handle loads from 150 watts to 1500 watts.
  • Broad range of Voltage Outputs - allows user-adjustable voltage outputs from 2 VDC up to 60 VDC.
  • Scalable design - the unique scalable design of the power generator allows the 1000 watt unit to be upgraded to a 1500 watt output by simply replacing the fuel cell bundles. In addition, multiple power generators can be paralleled together to increase the output rating.  
  • Small Footprint - with a maximum footprint of 26"H x 28"W x 39" D (66cm x 71cm x 99cm), the Atrex Energy power generator provides one of the highest power outputs in the smallest package. Minimal civil engineering work or site prep is required. The power generator fits nicely in a shelter or building without consuming much room.
  • Easy Turnkey Installation - comes with everything you need to quickly install and commission the unit. The unit can be installed and generating power for your application within hours.  
  • Minimal Maintenance - the only parts requiring regular maintenance checkups are the air and fuel filters (desulfurizers). Depending on the model, replacement schedule could be once per year to once every 4 years. There is no need to replace any oil every 500 hours of operation like you do on an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) Generator. The Fuel Cell Bundle is considered a consumable component similar to an ink cartridge in a printer. Depending on the load characteristics the Bundle will last 18 months to 36 months. The minimal maintenance required coupled with the superior fuel efficiency means users have low Operating Expenses (OPEX). This feature becomes more evident when the power is provided at remote sites that can only be reached seasonally or requiring special transportation like a helicopter.  
  • Easy Servicing - the power generator is designed such that virtually all major components are "plug and play". Most parts can be easily replaced by a factory certified technician in a short period of time in the field minimizing any downtime.   The ARP Series has enclosure covers with handles and retained screws improving ease of use even in cold weather. 

  • Short Lead time - with lead times typically averaging 4-6 weeks on the 500 watt power generators and 5-6 weeks on the 1000 watt and 1500 watt power generators, users can start powering their applications in a short period of time.
  • Made in USA - Atrex Energy's products are designed and manufactured in Massachusetts.
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