Fuel cells. They are the technology at the core of the Atrex Energy RP Series of generators. And fuel cells are considered by experts and government agencies to be an important technology to meet current and future expanded requirements for clean, efficient power.

The science of fuel cell technology

Fuel cells have the potential to convert fuel into electricity at much higher efficiencies than even the most modern conventional power plants. And they do so with almost no emissions of criteria pollutants. A physical law called the Carnot efficiency limits the efficiency of any heat engine. This sets an upper bound based on the difference between the peak temperature inside the engine and the temperature of the surroundings. Power plants get more efficient by increasing peak temperature. The result of that is an increased amount of nitrogen oxides produced that must be controlled. 

Fuel cells - clean and efficient

Fuel cells, including Atrex Energy’s, do not operate at temperatures where nitrogen oxides are formed. Because fuel cells are not bound by the theoretical limit of Carnot efficiency, they could achieve over 70% efficiency, making fuel cell technology clean and efficient.

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